Posted by: harrymorganmoses | August 5, 2009

Rev. Gary Kuebler

Gary KueblerAugust 8, 2009 – Practical Spirituality

Join Harry and Reverend Gary Kuebler, teacher, writer and speaker of Spiritual truth, principles and practices as they talk about Practical Spirituality as it applies to your life.

From the trading floors of Wall Street to the greens of professional golf tournaments, to the spotlight of T.V. and national comedy clubs Reverend Gary has traveled a Divinely diverse path.  Rev. Gary found his way into New Thought and Religious Science in 1991 as Spirit was gently and lovingly guiding him with a 2 x 4.  From that first day in Church he knew that an entirely new way of  life stood before him, a life lived from inspiration as opposed to desperation.  As he voraciously studied the works of ancient mystics and modern day masters his new life unfolded as he made major career transitions in an effort to live a life on purpose. 

Rev. Gary has served as the Senior Minister of the Alpine Center of New Thought and is the founding Minister of the Joyful Heart Church of New Thought in San Diego, California.  Rev. Gary is a licensed United Centers for Spiritual Living minister and currently serves as the Spiritual Director of the Joyful Heaart Teaching Chapter, he is also employed as a Senior Instructor and consultant in the computer industry.

Rev. Gary brings a profound depth of heart with an awesome sense of humor to this teaching.  Be ready to be transformed, moved, inspired and have fun while Rev. Gary shares the blessings of his ongoing Spiritual journey.


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