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Suzanne Rubin

October 3, 2009 – THE IMPERATIVE AND THE JOY OF CONSCIOUS CHANGE with Harry’s guest Reverend Suzanne Rubin.

Suzanne Rubin, Religious Science Minister and Science of MInd Teacher for 24 years was born in NY and raised in consciousness in Southern California.

She served on the Board of Directors for ICSL (Formerly RSI) and as Adjunct Member of the Board of Education for ICSL.  She is a frequent contributor to Creative Thought Magazine.

She was the Founding Minister of the First Church of Religious Science, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada in 1995. Upon leaving Canada in 1996, Rubin became Minister of the then Westlake Church of Religious Science, now the Westlake CSL

She left there in May, 2009 in order to offer teaching, guest speaking, workshops and mentoring to the broader New Thought/Science of  Mind Community.

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