Posted by: harrymorganmoses | April 16, 2010

Reverend Michael McMorrow joins Harry on “Popping Into Your Intentions”

Saturday, April 17, Noon PST

“Popping Into Your Intentions” ~

Success is a state of consciousness that involves the continual manifesting of your intentions into your experience.  Join Dr. Harry and Rev. Michael, who is popping into his intentions!

After 30+ years of helping people remodel theirs homes, Rev. Michael has turned his attention to helping others remodel theirs lives. Come explore a practical, down to earth approach to spiritual living.

Reverend Michael is the Spiritual Director of the Center for Spiritual Living, Granada Hills. A message from Rev. Mike – In the grand scheme of things, Life gives back to us what we give to It. Ernest Holmes taught that we choose our good; however, “the primary fact is that we desire even greater good health, money, harmony, better business, greater supply, different and better employment.”

The Science of Mind teaches us how to get it all. First, we must understand the creative process and how it works in our lives.  Inherently, we know we live in an abundant and prosperous universe and that God is the unlimited source and substance of our supply. Does speaking this Truth it make it true in my life? For some of us, yes, and for many, many more, the answer is no. Yes is the answer for some of us because prosperity is what we’ve decided to experience at a deep, subjective level. For the others, the same neutral and impartial God gave us choice, and we choose to subjectify lack. The creative process works either way.

Why not choose the positive, life-enhancing way?

Click on button below to hear the show live or anytime after the first airing.

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