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Dr. Jay Scott Neale on “Legendary Awareness”

Saturday, August 7, 2010 Noon PST

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Dr. Jay Scott Neale on “Legendary Awareness”

The Center for Spiritual Living-Fremont, CA was originally chartered in 1975 and founded by the husband and wife team of Jay and Carol Neale.

Originally raised as a Baptist, Dr. Jay Scott Neale found himself in Southern California in the early sixty’s where he began his Religious Science studies at Founders Church. Some of his early teachers included: Dr. Fenwicke Holmes, Dr. Reginald Armour, Dr. Craig Carter, Dr. William Hornaday, Dr. George Bendal, Dr. Robert Bitzer and Dr. Raymond Charles Barker.

He received his first Practitioners License in 1968, became a licensed minister in 1975 and received his Doctorate in 1983.

Beginning in 1963, Dr. Jay Scott Neale studied with many of Dr. Ernest Holmes’ contemporaries and best students, including his elder brother, Dr. Fenwicke L. Holmes. Their friendship was a great inspiration, offering a wealth of wisdom about what it means to be a Religious Scientist and a minister. Dr. Holmes gave him sage advice: “Be so good at teaching that your students can replace you”; “Live as if you are going to die tomorrow, and learn as if you are going to live forever”; …”always be a practitioner first, and be the best student in your church.”

While serving on the RSI Board of Directors, he served as chairperson of the Credentials & Placement and Practitioner Departments, member of the Publications Advisory Board, RSI Rally chairman and both First and Second Vice President of RSI.

Dr. Jay has also CO-written the book Fountain of Truth and created the popular meditation tapes “Love Unfolding” and “Wings Of Wisdom.” Highly acclaimed as a speaker, he has conducted seminars on the Science of Mind in Europe and Canada and throughout the United States. His new book, The Power of Positive Purpose is available online here or at our bookstore.

A joyful and powerful teacher, Dr. Jay takes a humor-filled approach, challenging people to wake up to their spiritual potential and take charge of their lives. He says. “I believe we have a teaching the the world is longing to embody. My heart, mind and energy are committed to this great purpose.”

Dr. Jay writes for the Creative Thought Magazine monthly and has received the Minister Meritorious and Minister of the Year Awards. He was awarded the Ernest Holmes Legacy Award at the annual Asilomar conference in 2004.

Dr. Jay has attended every Asilomar Conference since 1965. In addition to being a keynote speaker at the Asilomar Conference, he also hosts the “Holmes History Room”, where he shares his unique and rare collection of books, articles, videos and memories with all who visit.

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