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Dr. David Bruner on Jumping Into Your Good!

Thursday, September 2, 2010 Noon PST

Jumping Into Your Good with Harry and his guest Dr. David Bruner

Dr. David Bruner is the Spiritual Leader at Center for Spiritual Living, San José. His irreverent sense of humor and “everyday kind of guy” style makes him adored by his congregation – that and his love of God, people and animals, Harry Potter and a peculiar fondness for People Magazine, Taco Doritos and great neckties.

Being raised with two brothers, seven sisters and one bathroom helped him master the art of effective communication at an early age. He is funny, very funny, although when asked he will tell you, “looks aren’t everything.” He is a compelling, charismatic speaker known and loved for his practical, often unorthodox approach to spirituality. His best loved sermons are typically self-effacing, and you may find out on one Sunday he is excitedly pursuing the path of forgiveness following a four-hour experience at the California DMV, and the next week you’ll hear about his escapades in a trapeze class.

He moved to San José from his native Los Angeles in 1999, after serving in an official capacity in the United Church of Religious Science home office. As Manager of Growth, Education and Ministries (GEMs) for the denominational headquarters, David was responsible for worldwide educational records; administering the licensing process of all ministers and practitioners; overseeing the creation of churches and study groups; assisting ministers, practitioners and member church board of trustees with conflict resolution; working closely with the denomination’s Ecclesiastical Officers; upholding ministerial, practitioner and educational codes of policies and procedures and helping with sensitive and confidential code violation allegations. The transformation of the GEMs’ public image and the up-leveling of service to his constituency are attributed to David’s commitment and skill in ministry.

Dr. David has left a mark of friendliness and service in each position he has occupied on his journey from Practitioner through Ministerial School to assistant minister in North Hollywood to GEMs Manager, and now in San José. David is a visionary leader; creative, passionate, authentic and above all, a people person. He is very well known in the Religious Science community and he is committed to Religious Science and the people who love it. He lives his ministry and walks the talk. Being called to the greater Bay Area to serve as Spiritual Leader of Center for Spiritual Living, San José is the fulfillment of his lifelong dream.

Dr. David resides in Oakland with Mauricio Lopez and their two dogs, Dobby and Winky.

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