Posted by: harrymorganmoses | October 13, 2010

Reverend David Phears on “Living in Consciousness”

Rev. David Phears

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Reverend David Phears joins Dr. Harry on the subject: “Living in Consciousness”

Rev. David Phears is the Community Spiritual Leader of Sangha Center for Spiritual Living. Dr. Phears is no stranger to trials and tribulations. He attributes God, spiritual principles and the tool of spiritual practice for the many miraculous healings in his life. Spiritual tools such as the spiritual m.a.p. {meditation, affirmations and prayer}, when he was lost or confused provided the mental vehicles and emotional mechanisms through which he was able to heal his inner and outer wounds. The inner work he did afforded him the opportunity to move away from a self-destructive lifestyle. He sites 1984 as the year of his spiritual awakening and resulting transformation. Dr. Phears has written about his experiences in a practical self -awareness book [available in our book store] called “A Book of Weeks”.

TO LISTEN TO THE SHOW LIVE WITH QUESTIONS OR COMMENTS CLICK ONTO: or call 646-929-1763.  Show may also be heard at a later time by clicking onto same link.



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