Posted by: harrymorganmoses | November 24, 2010

Rev Les Turner on “Vistas of Wholeness – Learning to Stand in Truth”

Saturday, November 27, 2010 Noon PST

Reverend Les Turner on

Vistas of Wholeness – Learning to Stand in Truth

The Executive Director of the Creative Center for Spiritual Living, Escondido is Rev. Dr. Les Turner in his 18th year in ministry and over 19 years as an insurance consultant and personal coach, he has facilitated change in organizations and  individuals seeking unification and growth. He is passionately involved in facilitating the evolving consciousness of non-profits and corporations to transform themselves to understand their part in the wholeness of Life and create sustainable, supportive  local, regional and global communities.

In addition to organizational transformation in businesses, he’s led regional training for International Centers for Spiritual Living al over the Western United States. He’s also led Board retreats for numerous Centers for Spiritual Living on church growth and development. His passion is helping people discover and fulfill their purpose by developing responsibility for their emotional and spiritual maturity through a process of building personal integrity.

Click on to listen live or for  2 weeks after first airing:

You can also call in to listen live with questions or comments:  646-929-1763

Archived shows can  be listened to anytime on


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