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Reverend Pat Campbell on “Giving God A Good Time”

Saturday, December 11, 2010  Noon PST

Reverend Pat Campbell, author of “Giving God A Good Time” joins Harry for The Moses Show

Dr. Pat Campbell, author and pastor at the Temecula Valley Center for Spiritual Living, is a dynamic and spiritually attuned speaker. Her messages are delivered in a comfortable, humorous manner. Her background as a singer enhances her abilities to connect with an audience and get to the heart of whatever she is speaking about.Rev. Pat first found her place in Religious Science in the late 80s, and has followed her chosen path to ministry ever since. She completed her practitioner education in 1993 and ministerial training in 1997. She came to the Temecula Valley church in October of 1998. The church has grown from 12 people on Sundays to close to 300. The youth program sometimes sees 70 children, from babies to teens. We are going through an expansion project which will increase our seating capacity and allow for even more growth.  Rev. Pat’s path to ministry was circuitous, at best. She graduated with a degree from California State University, Long Beach, in communications. From there, she became a bartender in local taverns (which, to this day, her father cannot believe!) After becoming sober through the 12 steps, Rev. Pat worked as an administrative assistant to several local companies, eventually working her way up to Head of Human Resources.During this time, Reverend Pat’s singing talents kept her busy. She had the privilege of serving as Sunday soloist for different Religious Science and New Thought churches throughout Southern California. She has sung in churches in Carlsbad, Encinitas, San Diego, Bonita, Del Mar, Rancho Bernardo, Escondido, Santa Ana, Temecula, Vista, Fallbrook, and Alpine.

You can hear Dr. Pat Campbell each Sunday at the
Center for Spiritual Living — Temecula Valley.

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by Rev. Pat Campbell

Are You Ready to Give God A Good Time?

As provocative as that may sound, it is actually a profound spiritual truth. Life is meant to be lived fully, completely, and joyfully. God (or whatever you choose to name the Source of Your Being) experiences life through us, as us. So the very best way we can honor the gift we call life is to give God a good time. All the time.

Patricia C. Campbell shares wisdom, humor, and optimism from her life as a recovering alcoholic/drug addict, overeater, performer, agnostic, and New Thought minister. Through her life stories, and others’, we learn how to take risks, overcome fears, look for the good, and live a life of joy, growth, and renewal.



  1. Please expand on your book’s chapter on skinny branches. Thanks.

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