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Reverend Moira Foxe on INTERFAITH

Saturday, April 2, 2011, Noon PST

Reverend Moira Foxe on the topic of “INTERFAITH” to be joined by Cantor Ilan Davidson and Milia Islam-Majeed

Reverend Moira’s background is in Education, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Ethics, Morality and Clinical Theology.  Her graduate and post-graduate works were done at Maria Assumpta College of Education, St. Mary’s College of Education, London University, and the London Guild of Health.

During the past thirty years, Reverend Moira has taught psychology and religious studies to high school students in Ireland, England, and Los Angeles. Her work in education progressed into the counseling and ministerial fields. Throughout her life, Reverend Moira has pursued a wide variety of studies and is ever seeking to broaden her learning base. She believes that the education of the whole person is the most wonderful and fascinating pursuit we could actively engage in, and is indeed our life’s purpose.

She served for seven years as Sister Miriam in a teaching order of Catholic nuns in Ireland and England.  She went on to serve for seven years in the Siddha Yoga Foundation in London and Los Angeles with Baba Muktananda as her teacher.

For the past ten years, Reverend Moira has been the Pastor & Director of the Redondo Beach Center for Spiritual Living, Church of Religious Science.  Since taking over as Senior Minister, she has been the recipient of the prestigious South Bay Woman of the Year award and has spearheaded her center’s emergence into the 21st century by championing streaming videos on the website as well as podcasting the Sunday lessons.  Rev. Moira has a radio ministry and TV Ministry she also serves on the Board of Directors of the International Centers for Spiritual Living.  Her church’s mission statement is: Honoring Presence, Nurturing Spirit, Enriching the Lives of All We Serve.

Additionally, she serves on the South Bay Interfaith Council.  Redondo Beach Church of Religious Science hosts a very successful interfaith Peace through Unity Breakfast every year during the Season for Non-Violence.

Click below to listen live with questions and comments on air or listen to anytime after first airing.

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