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Rev. Dr. Michele Whittington on “Living the Bigger Vision”

Saturday, April 30, 2011, Noon PST

Rev. Dr. Michele Whittington on “Living the Bigger Vision”

An Emerson Theological Institute graduate, Michele Whittington is the Senior Minister at Creative Living Fellowship, a Religious Science church and teaching center in Phoenix, Arizona.  Rev. Michele graduated from Arizona State University, summa cum laude, in 1984 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Organizational Communication.

Prior to entering the ministry in 1997, Rev. Michele spent 20 years in the business arena, the first 18 in the legal field, serving initially as administrative support and then, after receiving her B.A., in law firm management. In 1995, her heart called for her to be in greater service, and she left the law firm environment for life in a not-for-profit agency. For two years, she worked as the Sponsor Developer for a transitional housing program for homeless, low-income families recruiting and training volunteers as well as raising $250,000 in annual sponsorships.

Rev. Michele has served on a variety of Boards, including the Board of Management of the Downtown Phoenix YMCA from 1982-1990 where she was also the First Vice Chair for two years. In 1992, she was invited to the Board of Trustees of First Church of Religious Science and, in 1993, she served as President of that Board. From 2001 – 2003, she served as a member, and then as the Vice President, of the Affiliated New Thought Network.

Having come from a varied business background before entering the ministry, she brings her knowledge and experience of the “real world” to her work. She believes her life’s purpose is to travel an ever-ascending spiritual journey and to serve others with love and compassion as they travel theirs.

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