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Rev. Dr. Petra Weldes on “Spiritual Living; MIND to HEART”

Saturday, May 28th, 2011, Noon PST

Rev. Dr. Petra Weldes joins Dr. Harry on “Spiritual Living; MIND to HEART”

Rev. Dr. Petra, Senior Minister of the Center for Spiritual Living in Dallas since 1998, is a powerful, gifted speaker and teacher whose visionary role has created a dynamic spiritual community, empowering and transforming lives.

In her 25 years of ministry, Rev. Dr. Petra has led workshops, conferences and seminars on a local and national level and is actively involved in interfaith projects in the Dallas community serving as past
Co-Chair of the Season for Non-Violence
, Chair of the World Peace Day, as a member of the Interfaith Council of Thanks-Giving Square, and as an Advisor to the Association for Global New Thought.

A highly regarded, deeply admired teacher, Rev. Dr. Petra engages students with her interactive style providing a safe, sacred environment for personal growth and exploration. Her deep wisdom, wealth of knowledge, humility as well as humor, guides students into journeys of awakening to their unique expression and creative and joyful potential. An elegant, powerful speaker, her ability to translate seemingly complex and confusing life issues into concise and clear messages invites the audience into deeper levels of understanding of their being and engagement in the world by igniting the change within.

Passionate about children, Rev. Dr. Petra has an extensive involvement with the youth movement in various Churches, Conferences and regional youth camps throughout her ministry. Knowing and believing in who children are changes everything in shaping their lives and guiding their future. This has been the touchstone of her service with youth. As a Youth Group Leader for fifteen years, her work was specifically geared towards teens. She ran camps which dealt with bullying, abuse at home and peer pressure issues providing powerful tools for teens to engage in a different way in the world, so violence no longer played a role in their lives. As Chair of the United Centers for Spiritual Living (UCSL) Youth and Family Ministries Committee (1996-1998), she wrote a full year Peace Curriculum for ages 3 through High School as well as a year long Virtues Project Curriculum which were both used nationally throughout the United Centers for Spiritual Living communities.

Additional biographical information: Previously, Rev. Dr. Petra served as the Founding and Senior Minister of the Renton Church of Religious Science in Renton, WA (1984-1990). In addition Rev. Petra served as a faculty member of the Ernest Holmes College in Seattle, WA (1986-1993). She recently served as Chair of the United Centers for Spiritual Living CORE Council (its highest international governing body) and past Chair of the UCRS Nominating Team.

Rev. Dr. Petra holds a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities from the University of Dallas in Irving, TX, (1996) where she defended her independent studies thesis “with distinction” and graduated summa cum laude. She also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Metaphysical Philosophy from the Ernest Holmes College in Seattle, WA (1984). She more recently received an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity from the Holmes Institute (2004). Rev. Petra became a Religious Science Practitioner in 1983 and received Ordination in 1988.

Click on link to listen to the show live or anytime after first airing:

You can also call in at 646-929-1763 to listen live with questions and comments.


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