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Dr. Steve Gabrielson on “Making Room for More Life” June 11, 2011

Saturday, June 11, 2011 Noon PST

Dr. Steve Gabrielson on “Making Room for More Life”

Dr. Steve Gabrielson is the co-founder and co-pastor with his wife, Lynn, of the Center for Spiritual Living in Lake Forest,California(OrangeCounty). Steve and Lynn together began to study Science of Mind in 1992, and co-founded the center in 1999 after graduating from ministerial training in 1998. Steve was ordained in 2004, and joined the International Centers for Spiritual Living (ICSL) Board of Directors that same year, where he currently serves as First Vice President. He was recognized as “Minister of the Year” by ICSL for 2007-2008, and was awarded honorary recognition as Doctor of Religious Science by the ICSL Board of Directors in March of 2008. In ICSL’s “integration” process with United Centers for Spiritual Living (UCSL), Steve has served as ICSL’s primary day-to-day liaison between the two organizations with his counterpart at UCSL, Mr. Steve Burton.

Click onto to hear the show live or anytime after first airing and you are welcome to call in to listen with questions and comments at 646-929-1763 for the live show.


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