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Reverend John Waterhouse on “It’s All Good”

Saturday, December 3, 2011, Noon PST

Reverend John Waterhouse on “It’s All Good”

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I describe myself as a teacher, guide, mentor, and leader. My life has long been about revealing the power that dwells within each person I meet. With this as my foundation, I have created a variety of expressions through which I contribute to the human experience.

I was born and raised in suburban Miami, Florida and began demonstrating my interest in leadership while still in high school. I participated in several varsity sports and was Junior Class Secretary and Student Council Vice President in mysenior year. As I neared graduation, I received an Excellence in Leadership Award from the Daughters of the American Revolution and was named Outstanding Youth Leader for the State of Florida by the Fraternal Order of Elks.

After attending my freshman year at Florida State University, I moved to Houston Texas and went to work for a large manufacturing company while attending night school at the University of Houston. In 1977, I started my own company, Waterhouse Engine and Pump Company, Inc. (WEPCO), which designed and fabricated fluid handling systems for oilfield drilling and production companies. During five years of operations I employed as many as 28 employees to produce as much as $4 million in gross annual sales. I also founded Waterhouse Enterprises and Adler Concrete Company as subsidiaries of WEPCO.

In the early nineteen eighties I reached a significant turning point in my life. The oil industry had collapsed, so I sold or closed all my businesses. Then in the midst of this turmoil, my marriage ended. Seeing this as an opportune time to reorganize my life, I moved to Australia where I met and worked with a man named Ken Dyers who became my mentor. This experience was the most significant of my life. Through our work, I began to understand the deep meaning and cosmic connection of all life.

As soon as I returned to the U.S., I came upon the Church of Religious Science in Miami, Florida and immediately immersed myself in the philosophy of Science of Mind. I began taking classes and was soon teaching my own non-certificated class at the Church on Sunday evenings. My formal studies culminated in 1988 when the Reverend Terry Cole-Whitaker ordained me into the ministry.

On my own, I have committed a great deal of time and energy to comparing and contrasting the teachings of Ernest Holmes with the principles and practices of other spiritual disciplines. This work has carried me deeply into an exploration of Native American shamanism and simultaneously into academic endeavors, studying cultural diversity, chaos theory and organizational psychology. As a result, I returned to my academic pursuits and in 1996 I received my doctoral degree in organizational psychology from the Union Institute in Cincinnati, Ohio. I continue working with Cherokee and Lakota medicine people and have enjoyed exploring subjects of diversity and gender relations as an associate professor at the University of North Carolina as well as through my work at the Center for Spiritual Living.

During the course of mygraduate studies, the ecumenical organization, Churches Uniting in Global Mission and its founder, Dr. Robert Schuller, recruited me to lead a social action program known as Peacemakers. As national program director, I traveled across the U.S. helping faith communities find new ways to become more directly involved in eliminating and healing the ravages of youth violence in their cities and neighborhoods. I continued working with teenagers through the Smart Choices Youth Mentoring Program in Asheville as a teacher and mentor. I also have supported this work as a board member of the program’s sponsoring organization, the Center for Restorative Justice.

I have a passion for working in the men’s consciousness movement. I have led myriad men’s support groups and retreats and have worked with other contributors to this movement such as Robert Bly, Michael Meade and John Lee. I am committed to supporting men everywhere who seek to live their lives with integrity and through the power of their open hearts.

Today, the central focus of my life is serving with my wife Barbara as co-minister of our Science of Mind spiritual community, the Center for Spiritual Living. Barbara and I founded the Center in our home in January 1995. Today, we occupy a ten thousand square foot teaching facility, which was designed and built largely with the support of volunteer friends and members of the Center. We are located at Two Science of Mind Way in Asheville, North Carolina and have a growing community of more than 300 members.

Providing clear guidance and strong, yet flexible leadership to individuals and organizations is what my life is about. I bring these skills and abilities along with a passion for the full expression of all ideas and possibilities to every endeavor in which I embark.

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