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“Awareness in the Field” with Reverend, Dr. Jim Turrell

This Saturday, January 21, 2012, Noon PST ~ The New Season begins!

With more than twenty years as a consciousness teacher
Dr. Jim Turrell shares his insights with Dr. Harry on the value of
“Awareness in the Field” and its impact on the emerging scene.


Dr. Jim Turrell is noted for his dynamic classes and speaking style. “I think everyone should be studying and strengthening their relationship with God. It is the most important relationship of your life because everything you have is a gift from God.”

Turrell started his studies of the Science of Mind in 1972. He completed six years of class work and became a minister in 1984. He was ordained in 1987. As Founder and Pastor, Turrell started the Center for Spiritual Living Newport-Mesa in 1987.  A thriving and sacred work, the Center is home to over 250 members and friends.  Turrell has severed on the Board of Directors of Religious Science International and has been a featured speaker at their national conferences.

Turrell is also a businessman and an Author. His book “Speaking from The Heart” provides an entirely new approach to public speaking and composition. Turrell has taught his public speaking seminar to hundreds of professionals nationwide and in Canada. People from all walks of life have benefited from his approach: university professors, professional speakers, national sales directors, lawyers, and ministers. Turrell is also the author of three other books: “The Gospel of Cause and Effect”, “Socrates’ Secret”, and “The Sacred Language of Dimensional Prayer.”

Turrell’s latest book, “The Secret According to Jesus: No one is Left Behind”, helps explain Jesus’ ministry in a New Thought style making the master’s teaching easy to understand and apply. The first chapter, “A Conversation with Jesus”, explores the teachings of Jesus and how they apply to contemporary life.

Jim Turrell was born in Chicago and grew up in the 50’s and 60’s. He graduated from Cal-State University at Los Angeles in 1969 and taught Junior and Senior High school for fifteen years specializing in instrumental music and American studies. He played professionally in the sixties and in 1967 toured Canada with the Mariachi Brass and in 1968 toured the United States with the Roger Wagner Chorale. Currently, Turrell plays the vibraphone and focuses on Jazz.

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